cool design

The repositioning of Argentina’s number one ice cream brand to attract a younger, more hip clientele.

  • Client:
  • Location:
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Project:
    Develop new identity
  • Objective:
    Re-position an identity to appeal to a youthful audience
  • Disciplines:
    • brand
    • environmental graphics
    • packgaing design

Partnering with Point Design of New York we helped Freddo, top ice cream producer and one of the great Argentine brands, develop its identity and retail outlets. The new logo takes a reference from a design early in Freddo’s history, yet is modern enough to attract a more youthful customer.

The redesigned locations draws Freddo and its products closer to customers in a comfortable, relaxed environment and features a fresh palette of cool blues and greens, a multi-color terrazzo floor and custom murals. The retail prototype, to be rolled out in 100 locations in Argentina and Brazil, also includes a new coffee area to help offset reduced seasonal demand for ice cream in the winter.